the world is not under control. no capitalist has your interests in mind. embrace the chaos, accept the end. anyone sane is dangerous. nobody knows what they're doing. trans rights. kill the part of you that cringes.

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artist/drummer/VJ/maker/engineer in atlanta ga

music | visual art | electronics | social

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in addition to the projects below, i also occasionally put odds and ends on my soundcloud.

15,000 guns

noise rock/post-punky shit. i play drums in this band. we released our self-titled mini-album in april 2022 our second LP in november 2023.



15,000 guns at a house show
15,000 guns at no tomorrow
15,000 guns at 529
me at a show wearing a skirt and thigh highs

Janie Danger

i played drums in the backing band for janie danger. my work will be featured on her second LP, releasing 2024.



janie danger playing live
me drumming with janie danger

Visual Art

most of my visual stuff is done with ciruitbent analog video gear. i act as a projectionist/VJ at live shows using cameras, projectors, CRTs, and my circuitbent devices. all circuitbending is done by myself unless otherwise stated. most of this can also be found on my youtube channel.


i have a few circuitbends that i'll probably put here later

Moog Hackathon 2021

for the 2021 moog hackathon, me and my friend andreas worked together to create an electronic drum machine triggered by a real drumkit, using two moog werkstatt synthesizers. signal processing, pattern looping, and the parameters sent to the synthesizers were done on an arduino.





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i'm so fucking autistic it's insane like literally i spend all day reading wikipedia pages for nerdy technologies and technical standards and watching leftist youtube it's great. oh and i guess i make music too sometimes

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