Cool Sites

there are a lot of cool sites on the internet. here are some of my favorites that you may not know about! within each section, sites i've found more recently are at the bottom.


hot allostatic load. required reading., the home of alexander zolotov aka nighradio. creator of lots of interesting little music and video tools, including the tracker-based DAW SunVox.

for sunvox modules and songs and other resources, is a great resource

every noise at once

atlas of the universe


astro anarchy, astrophotographer

mitxela, inventor of fun musical and electronics devices

Tom7, a creator of fun CS projects and the person behind the crap art movement, including the album-a-day project.

Bartosz Ciechanowski creates fun and interesting visualizations of mechanical systems

Malcolm Braff's general theory of rhythm

rebirth rb-338 on and the rebirth archive by peff

another cool archive of RB-338 songs is world of rb-338 on youtube

fun archive of all the crazy digital watches people made in the 80s and 90s, lots of fun and quirky designs:

wendy carlos homepage

introduction to holography


familiar face records run by melody and rope bridge records run by ryan. the two great tape labels of the atlanta DIY scene

hausu mountain might be the straight up weirdest and best label putting shit out right now

lost frog, music that one must search out and discover

audry makes amazing music

netherwaves does too

ompuco makes the coolest games and shaders you'll ever see

peel sessions archive


fuck buice

my friends jamie and mak together are widemouth. they rule

everyone should listen to my friend hayden's playlist of local atlanta bands

mason mann, jack thomson, and gib essa are all cool people i met in my time with under the couch @ georgia tech. they all make weird and beautiful things. also mason totally stole my hyperlink design and not the other way around

my friend chad worked on the consumer aesthetics research institute, a site that catalogues consumer aesthetics through the years.


Jonas Bers's CHA/V, a cheap, hacky A/V synthesizer

the creations of gieskes are each wonderful and weird in their own way

scanlines A/V glitch art forum circuitbending and visual art collective from boston

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