Cool Wikipedia Pages

i spend a lot of my time on wikipedia and these are some interesting articles, images, and media that i've discovered. hopefully you find them interesting as well. articles found most recently are at the bottom.

chronology of the universe

world line

graphical timeline of the big bang


color model





130x130 knight's tour

menard's russian campaign diagram

oumuamua skypath

interstellar probes trajectories

aresti catalog

SMPTE color bars on NTSC vectorscope

kiyonori kikutake

osaka expo tower

fft aliasing

solar system in true color

feynmann diagram

smith chart

time-domain reflectometer

comparison of pyramids

abbe number

stop and shop old logo svg

list of eponymous laws

pictures of die chips

multiple nuclear warheads from one missile. this photo always affects me emotionally. the fingers of god

general map of switzerland

rescue helicopter sequence

NASA virtual reality headset

Tsushima Omega Tower 1977

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